The Little School on Vermijo

a "village school" project

As You Like It

With great importance and godliness  Then is there mirth in heaven  When earthly things made even atone together Good duke receive thy daughter.

Peace ho! I bar confusion  Tis I must make conclusion of these most strange events .



Marisol J. W.

A Review of “Fire” written by Kristin Cashore

As the second book of a trilogy, Fire was an amazing read. A stunning fairytale that seems to pull you out of your own mind and take you to the Dells. We begin this novel in the very home of Fire, a girl who is very aptly named for her hair. Archer, the son of Brocker, also the current lover of Fire, has started to push her away unintentionally out of his almost obsessive nature and jealousy around her. When Fire and Archer travel to king Nash’s palace the meet Prince Brigan, who hates Fire at first ,but of course in the most cliché way possible. Although the typical love story did occur, it was masked in such a way that wove it into a incredible tale.

- Maia Cummings

have you heard about Scout?
this new cat rolling on the new rout
guess what he’s looking for? Trout!
with no doubt!
But if he takes the wrong route
he might have a pout
so watch out!
If he starts to shout
you know watch out for the drought
and that’s what it’s about so
watch out it’s Scout! I’m out!

Yemen Al Qaeda Hospital Massacre

December 5, 2013, Al Qaeda agents killed 52 innocent civilians in the al Oradi Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. The Yemen Ministry of Defense is in the same enclosed area as the al Ordai Hospital. They killed 52 hospital staff, doctors, and even bed ridden patients. Al Qaeda’s history in Yemen is pretty expansive, but this attack was different than others. They had the chance to attack the ministry of defense but instead chose to murder the hospital.For more information about this attack visit

exquisite corps


Fat bees
Swim wonderfully
In their beds


Sexy rock candy
The lumpy cat


exquisite corps poem

Under the

(Started By Bennett Spengler)

Ursen’s book two excerpt

Hello everyone.

If you  read my first story Endoss then look out because here comes the sequel. :-)

Right after Will loses his memory on the island of Endoss, he finds a ship and sails into a maelstrom where he cures his amnesia.


“I know now what I need to do sir.”

The captain simply nodded his head and looked back

at the wheel Will watched the black ship coming closer.

Will walked carefully up the bowsprit and

stood on the edge looking down over the cliff of water.

The crew suddenly looked astonished as

will spread his arms and lept into darkness below.


Will fell slowly and as he did he saw his life flash before his eyes.

The tears of joy ran down his cheeks as he watched his

father teach him scorn him love him and watch him as he

held his father in his arms as he died.Will smiled

watching as he and katie watched the sunset together

he watched ten die and the aroara in the sky,he watched

the machine spin through time.

He saw the flames of the dragon.

He saw the sky rip open like a tear in a dress.

then he saw…

“You need to leave before it closes!”

“No will were not leaving you here!”


“Wait no!”

“I love you Katie I will find you!”

Will remembered everything as he drifted like a leaf into

the waves.



Sorrow comes in a dark cloak
And a dark mask
He sucks the happiness out of you
When you least expect it
He always carries a straw in his back pocket
And vanishes
When you look behind
He helps Steven King
Make his work sadder
Sorrow wishes he was a river
But he is always stuck in depression

- Sierra Pearl

at night

At night

As you toss and turn to sleep

Every creak of the house

Every groan in the wind

Becomes the sound of something sneaking around

Every shadow

Every movement

Becomes a monster in a moment

Even though it’s just an illusion

You still sleep with one eye open


This week at the little school we had a few games of chess against Mr.Phil!Photo